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Anamika Dutta

Anamika Dutta is a very talented singer from Mumbai. She produced an album containing four songs from Ananjan Studio under the banner of ARTISTE PROMOTION. Two of the songs has been composed by Ms. Anasmita Ghosh. Among them the first song  “Jaun Toh Jaun” has attained huge success in the social media. Ananjan Studio was proud to have the renowned Sarod player Prattyush Banerjee, eminent Joydeb Nandy on rhythm instruments and multi-talented Raja Chowdhury on the guitars. This song was arranged by one of the members of Ananjan Studio, Chakraborty Samrat. We are pleased to announce that “Jaun Toh Jaun’” has reached 1,10,000 views in Facebook within one month! We hope the rest of the three songs also get more success in the future.


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