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Ananjan Studio Artiste Promotions

Artiste Promotion in Kolkata

Ananjan Studio is a 24X7 online platform for any musician/artiste to perform & promote their music. In this ever changing music industry we are observing a transition from CD sales to digital sales, a platform like Ananjan Studio produces & promotes an artiste's creative works along with professional Video Production & Business Module consisting of Social Media Promotion, Email & WhatsApp marketing campaign. This will be sent to numerous event organizers & eminent personalities at an affordable price, is a very important step for anyone to build a career in music.

Ananjan Studio features a unique concept of promotion called 'Sharing Audience’, which means when one artiste is promoted it develops an audience in this platform automatically benefitting the next artiste. This platform gives a glorious opportunity to have individual micro website for individual artiste in the main website - www.ananjanstudio.com with his/her biography, pictures, videos & contact details. Ananjan Studio has developed different promotional modules from a single song to a full album where all the songs will be released as 'singles' for a duration ranging from one month to one year. So, any one aspiring to become an artiste, musician or to promote their music globally the 'Artiste Promotion' services of Ananjan Studio is the only one stop solution in the music industry.


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Artiste Promotion Packages


In the music industry, consistency is king, good music is queen and the result is success. Hence any one dreaming to become a musician or artiste has to go through the process of making series of good music consistently. But still no one can assure the timing and amount of success. So, to start up this journey one should sing a single song which is very smartly chosen and with which he or she can deliver his or her best.

Therefore, the 'Single Package' of Artiste Promotion is the starting line of one's journey to become a musician. This module also includes all the basic features of the 'Artiste Promotion' services like Audio and Video Production and Social Media Promotions. Download the Brochure now for further details.


Making Singles and posting them online may seem an easy solution to the present Industry scenario, but it has certain backdrops, like One song cannot portray an artiste's all the musical attributes or versatilities, also, Organic reach of a Single song is obviously less than making more number of songs.

To the solution of these noted problems, Ananjan Studio came up with another idea - one needs to produce an Album & release them like Singles. Hence the promotion becomes consistent and the presence of the artist remains for a very long period of time in the Social Media Platform. Ananjan Studio has conceptualized three modules of Audio-Video production of 4 songs, 6 songs and 8 songs for promotional period of 4 months, 6 months & 1 year respectively. These packages include further special features than that of the Singles package like the number of Recorded Instruments (Acoustic Instruments played by musicians and not Sampled tones), number of days of Promotions and lots more. It also includes a configuration of an Independent Artist label in the leading Online Digital Stores in the Market (iTunes, CD Baby, etc) and sell their music on all the online stores globally. Hence, one can plan to produce & promote his/her songs for a longer period according to their budget. Download the Brochure now for getting more details on Artiste Promotion Packages.


Music Video is very popular way of enjoying music since the 30s'. Since then, Music Videos has evolved in a very large way with the help of the advancements of technology. Besides Artiste Promotion, Ananjan Studio has also set up a Video Production Unit with high-end Video and Lighting equipment. This includes indoor shooting setup (in-studio) and post production of the Music Video


We feature Canon 5D Mark 4 and Sony NEX-VG10 cameras, Professional Video Lights for Indoor Shooting and Sony Vegas 13 and Adobe Premier Pro for Post Production.

Download the Brochure now for further details.


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